About Us

CloverFields Farm & Kitchen is part of a century old farmstead. The McGuffin house, the original farmhouse, is a registered state landmark. CloverFields Farm has a prosperous farming history. The owners are continuing this rural story in their own unique way by the addition of CloverFields Kitchen.

These grilling/smoking sticks are a mutual brainchild of the CloverField's owners, Janine and David Washle. Janine wanted to utilize the wood that damaged the canopies of many of their trees during a terrible ice storm. Knowing that the trees were dying a slow death, she realized that many of them were desirable for grilling and smoking. She researched the possibility of selling wood to backyard barbequers like herself and her husband. David challenged her to infuse the wood with sweet sorghum. After many attempts and through trial and error, she came up with a method to infuse the wood with the sweet flavor of sorghum. They share this innovative product with you and look forward to sharing future products with you!

NOTE: We work hard to fulfill orders in a timely fashion. Orders are fulfilled M-F. If the order falls after hours Friday, it will be fulfilled Monday. 

Guarantee: Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the grilling/smoking sticks, please return the unused portion in the original packaging for a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days of purchase.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended for any other use except on the grill or smoker to enhance the flavor of the buyer's food. It is not intended to be used as the main grilling wood or charcoal. It is not intended as firewood in a fireplace, fire pit, camp fire, or any other source.

Wood is a natural material that is responsive to changes in humidity. These grilling/smoking sticks will absorb humidity from the environment. Therefore, having been infused with sorghum, they can mold if too much humidity is in the air. It is best to store them in a cool dry place. 

This product should not come in contact with any food i.e. do not use as a skewer, plank, serving utensil, serving apparatus. This product should not be sniffed, eaten, or in any other way ingested by consumer. It is simply wood to be used in the smoker or grill.

Seller and all those involved in this product are held unaccountable and not responsible for any misuse, misguidance, misdirection, mischief of the buyer and anyone who comes in contact with this product.

We reserve the right to update , modify , delete, and/or change information without prior notice to site visitors.

We may temporarily disable site if necessary to catch up with orders. Momma always says, "never sell what you don't have".